Knife Sharpener Products from Redi-Edge®

The Redi-Edge® Knife Sharpener has been on the market since 1994. Initially tested with overwhelming success in the Outdoor Sports market, the Redi-Edge® Knife Sharpener is now being introduced throughout North America in the Culinary and Housewares Markets.

Klawhorn Industries, Inc.

Klawhorn Industries specializes in the development, testing and sales of sharpening systems using modern technology and precision manufacturing. This technology has been adapted for a multitude of applications.


Redi-Edge® is a division of Klawhorn Industries, Inc. focused on the development and sales of sharpening products for the culinary, housewares and outdoor sports markets.

The Markets We Serve

The Knife Sharpening system is being offered in the culinary, housewares and outdoor sports markets.