Dog Tag

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The Dog Tag sharpener was created after a chance meeting with a man named Mike McEvoy. At The Marine South Exposition in 2005, Klawhorn Industries was bound and determined to make a product that McEvoy and the rest of the Marines would love. A few short weeks later, 6 Dog Tag prototypes were sent to McEvoy and the rest is history.

Why This Product?

Tough. Dependable. Resilient. The Redi-Edge® Dog Tag is all of these things and more. We designed this sharpener to be portable, compact, and lightweight so it can go with you wherever you go. While this sharpener is small and exactly the size of a dog tag, it still contains many features such as Duromite™ cutters, additional honing surfaces, and a ceramitized coating that will protect it in even the harshest of environments.

The Redi-Edge® Dog Tag's Duromite™ cutter blades are factory-set at a 40° inclusive angle, maintaining a consistent 20° double edge on your knives or a 60° inclusive angle, maintaining a consistent 30° double edge on your knives.

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