Mini Multi Tool

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The Mini Multi Tool was born after a friend of Klawhorn Industries came in and asked them to develop a serrated knife sharpener. The goal of Redi-Edge® is to always create products that make existing products more useful, so with that in mind, Klawhorn Industries set out to make the most practical serrated knife sharpener on the market. Thus, the Redi-Edge® Multi Tool was invented. A convenient combination of a serrated knife sharpener and a straight edge knife sharpener in one easy-to-use too.

Why This Product?

Get ready to have your life simplified. The Redi-Edge® Mini Multi Tool combines two sharpeners in one. Use the Duromite™ cutters on your straight edge knives, and the ceramitized honing rod on your serrated knives. Both will leave your knives sharp, intact, and ready to go to work, all with the use of just one handy tool.

The Redi-Edge® Mini Multi Tool's Duromite™ cutter blades are available with a factory-set inclusive angle of 30°, 40° or 60°. The 30° inclusive angle maintains a consistent 15° double edge on your knives.The 40° inclusive angle maintains a consistent 20° double edge on your knives. The 60° inclusive angle maintains a consistent 30° double edge on your knives.

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  • photo of Redi-Edge Multi-Tool (REOMINI) - closed
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