P38 Dog Tag / Can Opener Combo

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Why This Product?

Tough. Dependable. Resilient. The P38 is the most portable, compact, and light weight knife sharpener in the Redi-Edge® lineup. Although small, this sharpener still contains many features such as Duromite™ cutters and a ceramitized coating that will protect it in the harshest of environments.

The Redi-Edge® P38 Dog Tag's Duromite™ cutter blades are available with an inclusive angle of 40° or 60°. The Duromite™ cutter blades factory-set at a 40° inclusive angle maintains a consistent 20° double edge on your knives or a 60° inclusive angle maintains a consistent 30° double edge on your knives.

The sharpener comes with a P38 can opener. Together, these tools will give you everything you need without hauling around a bunch of bulky equipment.

Maj. Thomas Dennehy, designer of the P38 can opener

Maj. Thomas Dennehy

P38 Can Opener

The P38 is a small can opener that was first designed in the summer of 1942 by Maj. Thomas Dennehy at the Subsistence Research Laboratory in Chicago for use in the Armed Forces to open C rations. The P-38 was also a first-rate screwdriver, boot cleaner, letter opener, carburetor repair tool and anything else you needed it to be.

Redi-Edge® Dog Tag Knife Sharpener

Back in the summer of 2007, the Redi-Edge® Tactical Sharpener was first implemented into the 24th MEU Air Wing survival suits. As a “thank you” to the Military for their support, Klawhorn Industries created the P38 knife sharpener in order to give the soldiers the most functional tool in an easy-to-use, dog-tag shaped package. This lightweight product was hugely popular and remains as one of our best-selling sharpeners to date.

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