Pro Series Knife Sharpener

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Why This Product?

Sharpening a knife requires a harder material than the material you are trying to sharpen. Our Duromite™ cutters are harder than any cutlery steel on the market today. The Redi-Edge® Pro Series Knife Sharpener is designed for the sharpening enthusiast. The convenient “stick” design gives you a sturdy grip while you use the Duromite™ cutters to put the perfect edge on your knife every time. The grit surface coating on the body of the stick provides a honing and polishing surface for finishing the edge of your knives. Our ceramitized coating will protect your sharpener no matter where your adventures take you. You can even sharpen your hooks and needles on the convenient V-groove located on the bottom of the Pro Series Sharpener.

The Redi-Edge® Pro Series' Duromite™ cutter blades are factory-set at a 40° inclusive angle, maintaining a consistent 20° double edge on your knives.

Trust your knives to the enthusiasts' preferred Redi-Edge® Pro Series Knife Sharpener!

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